Rockchip SD Card Firmware Burning Tool [Download Link]

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MicroSD Burning Tool .

This tool will help Installing firmware on Rockchip Tablets with MicroSd card. You can write firmware image on MicroSD card and restore or update your Rockchip tablets. Upgrade or restore any Rockchip tablet without computer or Flashing Tools.
Before proceeding make sure you have right firmware. Wrong firmware will not boot up or may harmful for your tablet pc.So make sure to check the firmware structure (Size and parameters after burning on sd card)

DOWNLOAD Rockchip upgrade disk tool

How to Update / Restore Rockchip Tablet with MicroSD Card.

Double Click SD_Firmware_Tool.exe

Select Removable Disk (Memory card Drive) and click on upgrade firmware. (as shown below).

Burn firmware on sd card

Click Firmware a pop up window will open .Select Img file for Rockchip Tablet Pc which you have download from official's web page. (as shown in image)

Burn firmware on sd card

Click on Create , a window will pop up "Creating upgrade disk, Data will ose in the disk,yes or no? Select "Yes" to format memory card .

Burn firmware on sd card

Burning Process will begun .Firmware will be start written on Sd Card.

Burn firmware on sd card

When the process complete the following message will be shown
"1 Creating upgrade disk ok"

Files should be in memory card like " rksdfw.tag , sd_boot_config , sdupdate ".

Insert memory card in tablet. Start power button , written Firmware will update your tablet pc.

All The Credits goes to the creator of this very useful software!


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